Radio Jove
Ron Fleshman   KB2VIV
Radio Jove is a program primarily designed for schools to join in the study of the decimetric radio
emissions of the planet Jupiter.  Plans and kits are available from the Radio Jove website.
I have built the double dipole antenna and phasing system as described in the Radio Jove plans.  I plan
on using it as a permanent antenna at my location and for testing the receiver that I am building.  
Antenna modeling is being done using EZNEC and will be posted here when complete.
The receiver that I am using is not the one in the Radio Jove kit.  I already had a kit for a similar direct conversion
receiver.  The kit is a similar design as the radio Jove receiver.  I am modified the receiver so that it is on the
same frequency , 20.1 Mhz, and added filtering and a preamplifier to improve its performance.
Another antenna is a loop with a screen reflector.  I found several articles about this antenna on the internet. The
antenna looks too small to be effective and the modeling doesn't look good.  The antenna is inexpensive and easy
to build. It is marginally effective for receiving Jupiter . But it is small and easily portable.  It can be mounted on a
camera tripod and is very useful for radioastronomy demonstrations.
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