Useful Links
Radio Astronomy Tutorial
Radio Jove
Radio Sky
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Astronomy 161
Hyper Physics
Math World
Hands on Astrophysics
A good site for learning about radio astronomy. The tutorial is by MIT's Haystack
The site has equipment and procedures for the study of the emissions of the planet Jupiter. Schools
and individuals can join the project. Your observations can be posted for study on their site.
A site that has procedures, equipment (kits and plans ) necessary for amateur radio astronomy.  Logging
software is available as are provisions for posting your observations on the web.
A group for promoting amateur radio astronomy. Plenty of information,
plans and projects for amateur radio astronomy
An excelent tutorial on astronomy presented by the Department of Physics  Astronomy of the
University of Tennessee.
An excelent referance on the facinating science of physics. Usefull for all levels. Because physics
and math are inseperatable, Hyper Physics is linked with Hyper Math
An excelent tutorial and referance on math by wolfram Research.   There are links to other wolfram
sites including Wolframs Science World offering tutorials on chemestry and Physics.
A site with good referances and projects for studying variable stars and solar phemonma
The Particle Adventure
A source of good references and a good tutorial on Particle Physics by the Particle Data
Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.,
Physics Link
physics discussion groups High school thru Graduate level. alot of scientific items and toys in the
physics store
Edmond Scientific
A good source of scientific items, especially optical items.
Astronomy Unbound
An excellent tutotial on astronomy.
A good source of electronic parts.  Online ordering, $10.00 minimum order.
Ron  Fleshman  KB2VIV