Particle Detection Page
Ron Fleshman KB2VIV
Cloud Chamber A continuous type cloud chamber is being used to study sub atomic particles. This type of chamber uses dry
ice to provide the temperature differential necessary to produce a supper saturated area in the chamber.  Particles moving
through this area leave trails similar to those left by aircraft flying at high altitudes.  Since a cloud chamber without a magnetic
field is like a yardstick without inch markings, I am planning a electromagnet for the chamber.  Once this is complete particle
type, velocity and energy can be determined.
Geiger Counter The detection of sub-atomic particles and radiation can be a very interesting hobby or occupation. From
looking for radioactive items around the house to studying cosmic rays, all use some form of particle detection. A Geiger
Counter provides one of the easiest methods of detection and can be used for many different applications.
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Cosmic Rays   High energy particles impinge on the earth from all directions all the time.  Detecting and recording these is a relatively easy
project.  The data can than be used for various studies.
Radiation Data  Local Backround and Muon Data.  Graphs and EXCEL format